BBC Bargain Hunt Returns To The Warehouse Antiques & Collectable, Setchey, Nr. King’s Lynn, Norfolk

The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables, Setchey opened its doors once again and welcomed back BBC Bargain Hunt film crew, guests and celebrities.

Next-door-To The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables, The Steiff Shop and Beers of Europe - Setchey Shopping

We are pleased to announce that once Covid restrictions are lifted we will be opening The Warehouse Taproom Bar Restaurant!

Tucked away in West Norfolk and part of The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables is The Warehouse Bookshop.

The book shop was set up by Derek Clark and his family, who also run The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables. They saw an opportunity to turn their passion for pre-loved books into a bookshop.

Beer GiveAway!

Once again The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables, The Warehouse Bookshop, Beers of Europe, & The Steiff Shop, Setchey, Nr Kings Lynn will be joining in with the Norfolk day celebrations.

This year due to social distancing the event will be celebrated with a Beer Giveaway - 2 cases of Beers of Europe very own Tap Room 20, all you have to do is jump on the social media channels.

The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables and The Steiff Shop will be opening their doors again for safe shopping from the 15th June.

Part of the new Safe Shopping procedures include new opening hours to allow for extra cleaning of the premises. The new opening times are 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday & 10am to 4pm Sunday.

“There’s a 2020 vision to transform the stock holding at Stand A6 within The Warehouse Antiques & Collectibles establishment at Setchey, just outside of King’s Lynn. Feedback gained from regular customers proves that the stand is being treated as if it were a proper record shop!

On the 7th April Jim Briscoe running for from Beers of Europe and The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables in aid of The Air Ambulance in ‘Only The Brave’ 10 mile, 35 obstacles mud run at Evelden Estate, Thetford, Norfolk.

By Mike from Vinyl Simple...

“I arrived at the gates at 08:30, Ted from Ace Records was already waiting. We chatted about this, that & records. A guy called John rolled up in a van. He asked about the Record Fair and I said it was just me & Ted and we’d be set up around 09:30, so I suggested he go & have breakfast.

The demonstration was held in The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables and hosted by Joy Fletcher, who is very experienced in the art of canning chair’s.

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