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I knew the moment I saw inside The Warehouse Antiques & Collectibles; this was the ideal place to sell vinyl. A little over nine months ago I booked a stand to do exactly that.

What was so exciting was it being a new location, clean, air-conditioned in summer, warm in winter, spaciously set out floorplan, the ideal conditions in which someone with an eye for interesting artefacts would be able to stroll in comfort. It was also run & staffed by excellent ‘can-do’ happy people.

That established, with the help of the store, we set out with the vision to build an in-store record shop. I didn’t want to be like many other vinyl dealers who use an antiques centre as a dumping ground & cheap storage unit for the tail-end of collections that have been bought. I wanted to manage the stock, sell quality items, chosen for the market that exists for the customers who shop in this location.

So, what’s available? Firstly, singles 45rpm. All these titles are sold at just 50p each. They’re mainly aimed at the jukebox owner. This market is what I have developed over fifteen years of selling at various record fairs the length & breadth of the country. Good value singles also appeal to many who just want entertainment on their 60’s Dansettes or other such portable record playing devices. They’re for having fun.

Secondly, albums. After the initial promotional period, all the LPs are now sold at £5. That represents extremely good value. With close to 500 interesting titles & more on the way, there is plenty of choice too. Each title is given a code, this way I can monitor what’s being bought so that I can replace & also stock with similar items that might also be enjoyed in the future. I don’t like to have the same title repeated in stock at the same time. As a vinyl-lover I hate to see this when I’m browsing.

The current album stock for example, if taken to a record fair that I regularly attend, at these prices, in the condition they are presented, would sell within hours, this is a fact I know from my experience.

Each album as you may have gathered is vetted prior to sale, for quality of title & condition. In the future it is my intention to professionally machine clean each LP before sale, therefore giving each pre-loved record the best playing surface possible.

Expansion to more collectible & expensive albums will come in time, but for now value with a large choice is the aim. On the 24th August from 10am-3pm, Ted Carroll, founder of Ace Records & I shall be attending the stand with a table of rare R&B, Soul & Rock ‘n’ Roll collectible 45rpm, which many existing customers covert.

Come & see for yourself, many people are drawn to the vinyl stand in the first instance but also explore the myriad of items available at other stands for the first time too!

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