Brown Sign Issue Warehouse Antiques For Website?

Today (Friday 18th January) the review for our brown signage at Norfolk County Council EDT Committee was CANCELLED ​- was this space needed for the review on road safety on the A149 following Thursday’s (17th January) accident involving the Duke of Edinburgh?


What does It Take For Norfolk County Council To Give Us Safe Signage?

The Warehouse Antiques and Collectables were informed that the review of the Brown Signs Policy by Environment, development and transport committee was scheduled for 18th​​January.

That date has arrived and the discussion has been cancelled, with the Chairman placing the item for discussion in March. This is a shocking lack of regard for businesses and let us not forget that there have been four serious accidents in the last four months along the stretch of road in question. This signage issue is not just about tourists finding our Antique shop in Setchey, this is a road safety issue. We have in access of 40,000 visitors a year visit our site, a brown tourist sign is universally recognized as a precursor to something of interest for everyone. This is especially prevalent during the tourist months, where the traffic is so busy this symbol helps strangers to the area and directs the traffic safely. These signs will only help to assist tourism.

We can only ask, do questions need to be asked of the Council as to why they are so unconcerned with the public’s safety on this stretch of road. It should also be noted that in 2016, as one of our planning obligations for The Warehouse, the Clark family (owners of Beers of Europe, The Steiff Shop and The Warehouse Antiques and Collectables) paid £6,000 to them to add a ghost junction. It is now 2019 with no move having been made to start this work and no schedule date has been give. This is a junction along the A10 that Borough Planning have admitted has been dangerous for 20 years. What will it take for the Council to act?

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