By Mike from Vinyl Simple...

“I arrived at the gates at 08:30, Ted from Ace Records was already waiting. We chatted about this, that & records. A guy called John rolled up in a van. He asked about the Record Fair and I said it was just me & Ted and we’d be set up around 09:30, so I suggested he go & have breakfast.

Zoe then turned up & let us in. Just as we had parked, Derek lifted the shutters and it was game on! Another guy turned up on his motorbike, like John in his van, lives down the road, saw it in the Lynn News, but never been to The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables.

All the records were then trolleyed in and were set up on stand A6. First sales of the day for the outlet at 09:01 was Ted who bought two metal stools for £60. The Motorbike guy bought, then went around the rest of the shop & bought some stuff.

More people quickly turned up looking for records. I found this to be the trend of the day, around 30 people had seen it in the Lynn News, or had heard about it via someone else reading it in the Lynn News. Most people were local, or a good percentage were from Downham Market. 90% of the people I spoke too had never been to the outlet before, they were there for the records. Most consumers were there for the singles.

We were busy throughout the morning but typically it went quiet between 12:30 & 14:30 and then became busy for the whole afternoon, I explained to people that since the records are here all the time they can come & look at their leisure on other occasions. Which they claimed they will do. Ted from Ace records enjoyed the day. I would like to thank everyone that came and The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables for hosting the event... Mike”

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