If you take a trip down to stall E5/E6 at the Warehouse Antiques, you will find Jan. Jan is a unique dealer within the warehouse, with a talent for sewing, upcycling and DIY projects. Her stand contains an eclectic collection of pieces from various professions, countries and eras - allowing her to appeal to a wide range of buyers and collectors. Despite being a little bit hard of hearing and not the fastest on her feet, Jan takes great pride in her stand and has a wealth of creative experience to draw on.


Explore Sewers’ Corner

Drawing on her creative experience as a seamstress and signwriter, Jan has a talent for spotting eye-catching materials perfect for DIY projects. She has a dedicated area of her stand called “Sewers’ Corner”, where you can find crafting essentials and a gorgeous selection of stylish and vibrant “fat quarters”. Jan also has a shelf dedicated to art supplies, just waiting to be turned into a masterpiece.


Shop Upcycled Furniture

However, this is not the end of Jan’s creative talents. Jan has lovingly restored tables, reupholstered chairs and decoupaged furniture - giving a new lease of life to old furniture that may otherwise have been destroyed. If you feel up to the challenge yourself, you can browse the vintage tools that Jan has for sale on her stand. These tools may be old, but they still prove quite useful in skilled hands.


Discover Quirky British Ceramics

As you are exploring Jan’s stand you will also notice her collection of ceramic items. Over the years, Jan has collected a range of colourful tea sets, vases and plates from classic English potteries such as Royal Worcester and Wedgewood. These eye-catching pieces are often picked up from Jan’s stand by dealers and collectors ready to decorate their home - so be quick if you see something you like!


Visit Jan’s Stand Today

Whether it’s her own upcycling and restoration projects, or the tools and inspiration she gives to others, Jan’s stand champions DIY! In a throw-away culture, it is refreshing to see Jan rescuing old items and doing her bit to save the planet.

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