The Captains Chair comes from an age when the standard of your furniture reflected your status within society. Since then its popularity has progressed into many variations that can be found in many residencies such as traditional homes and upscale libraries. Historians believe this style of seating was a specially commissioned back in the 1800’s by Lord Stanhope, The 4th Earl of Chesterfield (hence its name). A Captain’s Chair was traditionally used in ships as a compact seat for the captain to sit when he wasn’t on duty.

Pairing a long back, leather cover with deep buttoning that blends with a first class kiln-dried beech wood features., a Chesterfield chair is a classic British upholstered seating piece. Chesterfield’s seating design dates back to the British club chair popular in men’s clubs in the 19th century. The name Chesterfield is used to reference this specific furniture type that is usually only found in the UK and some parts of Canada. These Antique chairs were commonly used for relaxing while drinking and smoking cigars in the comfort of a padded seat. Their heavier padded counterpart Chesterfield sofas were used in offices and homes towards the end of the 19th century.

The feeling of nobility that only this antique chair of this stature can provide still remains. Leather Chesterfield Style Captain's Chair makes a wonderful addition to your living space, whether you’re looking for a touch of old school charm or a feature piece. It brings a bit of character and history to any empty space.

The example for sale in this feature is not original to these late time period but has a lovely worn patina and stylism. A worn look was often a sign of originality and more sought after. Our one has a recovered hessian bottom which adheres to fire safety regulations (labelled). This could be a luxurious edition to your home for the price of £195 and will be located in J3.

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