Stuart says... “I have been in the Antique Business for over 35 years, with Alayne for the last 30 years.

My mother and father were also in the Antique Business and ran Hammonds Auction in Cambridge. This was an old fashioned auction house with a sale every Friday in an old fashioned auction style selling mostly antiques and in those days they were real antiques - if I knew what I know now I would have bought all the g plan and ercol and stored it up, as no one wanted that stuff then.

I don't have a niche, I am a general dealer in all antiques, my wife and I love all antiques from silver to jewellery to Victorian and period furniture and all interesting pieces in between.

I used to love classic cars especially Triumph TR's, but sadly we no longer have any, our only fun car is a Mazda MX5.

Our interests are in the antiques in which we deal and we love finding interesting and unusual or rare items. Because of our wide knowledge we recognise items that perhaps other dealers do not and this gives us a big thrill when it happens its a real buzz!

We love visiting historic houses and spend hours looking at the interiors at the furniture and the ornaments.

The most exciting find I guess was at a little ({by invitation only}) Rotary Club Antiques fair in Wisbech. We found a pair of superb little figures that a specialist dealer had told the vendor were only resin and had passed them over, we recognised them as something special, they were Carved Ivory figures by Ferdin and Preiss the detail was stunning, another real buzz! We have had other good finds of Bronzes and furniture etc and they stand out not for the monetary value, but just because of the beauty of the items.

We live in North West Norfolk on the coast and we deal over the whole country from Scotland to Cornwall and Wales to Norfolk.

We also buy in France and Europe and we used to sell at Lille and one or two other French fairs but now we only buy. We also buy and sell at auction and online and as well as locating specialist items for private clients.

We just love what we do, the hours are long and nights spent sleeping in a van very often with not much to show at the end, but it’s fun and just sometimes something makes it all worthwhile.

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