“Vinyl; it’s time to get it back and it’s coming back in a big way… the following never went away, it just went underground for a while!”

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Mike is passionate about vinyl and, 14 years ago, he walked away from a corporate job, working for a global tyre brand in a tactical business unit in Europe to follow his dream job selling vinyl records; as Mike puts it, “I got fed up being stuck in Brussels airport on a Friday night!”

From the age of 11, Mike had 3 jobs to enable him to feed his love of vinyl.

Mike chose to sell his second hand vinyl and display memorabilia with The Warehouse Antique & Collectables at Setchey, Norfolk as at the beginning of his career in the vinyl industry the internet was tremendous for sales, but now it can be up and down so he decided to base himself here; he realised that, once again, the public want to come out and see records and experience the tactile nature of the vinyl, the sleeve, the whole package, which has somehow been forgotten and rarely experienced by the generation of today.

MayorCllnrNickDaubney_DirectorsJason&DerekClark_MarketingManagerAmandaWaterfield MayorCllnrNickDaubney_DirectorsJason&DerekClark_MarketingManagerAmandaWaterfield

Another downside of buying your second hand vinyl on the net is that, unfortunately, people lie; you can’t see the grade and when the customer receives their record it is often a total let down for them.

Years ago the record shop was the place to hang out with your friends and enjoy hours thumbing through vinyl - your album collection mapped your journey through life and was always a great talking point at many a party. It’s time to get it back and vinyl is back in a big way… the following never went away, it just went underground for a while!

Mike prides himself on the grading of the vinyl he sells because as he says, “I want to buy a record, whether it is cheap or not, as a quality piece of vinyl, so I try and aim to sell quality records at a reasonable price”.

Many people nowadays own old jukeboxes and come to Mike to buy singles; it’s all a nostalgia game. A record you buy is usually quite a significant part of your life and looking through someone’s record collection is like looking through a life, just like books can be. Often, you can tell someone’s character by the records they buy and a lot of bonding in life is through music, which can give an insight into another person. This is just not possible with digital music which, in comparison, is soulless. Also, it is difficult to choose on digital, whereas the album collection is like having one big menu in front of you. Also, digital sound can be compressed leading to a loss in quality; top and bottom end of the audible ranges are lost, but not with vinyl. The better the quality equipment you buy, the more you hear, so it is a constantly evolving medium. If you have a record playing on top end turntable and cartridge, the better the sound will be and the more things you will hear.

The market for vinyl has picked up worldwide in the last five years. It has recently gained strength as major manufacturers are once again involved, digging through archives and re-investing in equipment for reissues. In Japan, the most technologically advanced media country in the world, they never gave up on vinyl, and continue to manufacture high quality audiophile reissues as well as having a very strong second hand market; Mike meets Japanese dealers on a regular basis due to their demand for original British pressings.

Mike is constantly adding to his stock and caters for a wide spectrum of listeners and collectors. He is planning on attending his stand for two or three days a month - dates to be confirmed, when he will be spinning his second hand vinyl in Norfolk and offering a professional record cleaning service, with lots of other events being planned - watch this space!!

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