Before I had my children, I loved to sew. Any spare time I had, I would sit down and play around with fabrics to see what I could come up with. After a while, I opened shops online and sold a number of items, e.g. bunting, cushion covers and craft supplies but then I had my children and spare time.... well, that becomes a bit sparse.

Life has a habit of ever changing and in 2015 I had to pack up my beloved studio whilst we moved home. With all of my fabrics and threads packed away, I had a creative scratch that needed fixing and discovered a love of chalk paint. I started off gradually, painting some decorative pieces for our home and from there I moved to larger, pre-loved pieces. I popped a number of pieces in The Warehouse Antiques and Collectables and to my delight they sold within a few weeks and that was the encouragement I needed to continue!

I began with a few pieces of furniture dotted around the centre before starting with a small space between stands. As well as painted pieces, I began to sell a selection of collectables and homewares including ceramics, glassware and pictures. I love to take a piece of furniture that is looking old and dated, giving it some TLC and a new lease of life. I’m naturally drawn to colour and I think this shows in my stand.

Fast forward to 2020, I now have a larger space in the centre. I also have a proper workspace to work from at home - it turns out home renovation takes a while! I’m enjoying getting stuck in and sharing my new pieces in the centre.

Wondering about the name Bluebell and Rosie? When I first started selling online, I found it difficult coming up with a name. At the time, I had two white chickens called Bluebell and Rosie and it just stuck!

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram, sharing my work. Do pop over and say hello!

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